Do I need to provide my own camping equipment?


This is primitive camping (no electric), and we do not supply any materials.

If you are flying to the tournament, or traveling a long distance in general, we will gladly help out in any way possible.

Just send us an e-mail

Do I have to camp?

Camping is not required, just highly recommended.

There's a few hotels not too far. We've never stayed in any of them, so we'll let you and google work that out.

Can I arrive early or late at night?

There will be someone working the gate until 2am.

If you will be arriving past 2am please call one of the tournament directors.

If you would like to come a day early, simply pay the regular camping fee at the gate for the additional day.

Can I leave the park and come back?


Make sure you have your camping pass/bracelet prior leaving to allow proof of payment upon your return.

Are there showers?

Yes, there are two public showers up by the main gate.

Can we bring rafts/kayaks/paddles boards/etc?


Anything that doesn't have a motor is allowed in the quarry.

Do I need to print out my ticket for the gate?


A list of registrants will be provided to the gate. You will only need to provide an ID.

Can I register now and decide my teammates later?

Yes. Simply e-mail when you have decided your teammates.

What time does the tournament finish on Sunday?

Sunday games usually wrap up around 2 or 3. Game time is contingent on how your team finishes on Saturday.

We understand people travel and do our best to wrap up Sunday at a reasonable time.

Can I bring a camper/RV?


You will have to camp in the designated RV section, as well as pay an additional RV fee at the gate.

Are there places to buy food?


There will be 1-3 food vendors open during the hours of 10am-7pm.

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