General Overview

A weekend of open-water water polo, camping, and music at the amazing Nelson Ledges Quarry Park. While you're not playing polo, bath in the sunshine, get the adrenaline pumping with cliff diving, or maybe just relax with a cold brew.

Saturday night the fun continues with a group dinner accompanied by live music, and then back to woods to get down to some DJ tunes.

If you enjoy drinking and playing water polo you’re going to have a good time. The combination of scrambled teams, camping, and group dinner + entertainment creates a unique social experience that cannot be duplicated.

If the idea of primitive camping and swimming in open water makes you squirm, you are a serious polo player who only wants to play with your own full-squad, the sighting of hippies makes you uncomfortable, or are under 18 (sorry kids) this probably isn’t the tournament for you.

For more information about the campground see About > Venue.

Tournament Details

  • Sign up individually. Pick 2 other friends to “baggage” with. They will be your teammates for the weekend.

  • Names will be drawn “from a hat” to make teams of 12-15 players

  • Games will be played all day on Saturday and Sunday morning

  • 3-4 games per team